Comprehensive fit

If you’re racing, taking part in sportives or regularly clocking up miles on your bike, whether in road, time trial, triathlon or mountain bike, our bike fitting will ensure you’re in the optimum position on your bike for gains in speed, efficiency and comfort, and help to prevent or resolve injuries. It’s for riders across all cycling disciplines, and we’ll tailor your fit to your personal goals.

  • We’ll start by understanding what you want to gain from your fit, your problem areas, and any current/previous injuries

  • We’ll analyse your current position on a turbo trainer, and assess your posture, stability, range of motion/flexibility, body asymmetries (eg leg length discrepancy) and contact points (foot and pelvic structure)

  • Your current bike’s position will be transferred to the fitting jig, and each contact point will be optimised for your body and riding style

  • Position changes of the contact points include:

    • Shoe selection, foot support and cleat positioning

    • Saddle selection and positioning

    • Handlebar width selection and positioning

  • Then your new position will be recreated on your existing bike as necessary:

    • Components may be changed to match your bike to your fit

    • Additional tuning will be specific to any current bike geometry limitations

    • Your position on your bike will be reassessed

    • Finally, your brake lever positioning and brake reach will be fine-tuned

  • If required, we’ll advise on new bike options during session and with email follow-ups

  • You’ll receive your fit data along with further recommendations via email

£250 for 3-4 hours + Parts required to fit

Got any questions?

Drop us a message via email, we’ll be happy to talk in more detail.