Basic fit

Our basic fit is ideal for beginner, commuter or leisure cyclists, to help ensure comfort and injury prevention. If you’re beginning to fall in love with cycling, or cycling regularly, a bike fit is a great investment to help you get the most out of your riding.

  • We’ll start by understanding what you want to gain from your fit, your problem areas, and any current/previous injuries

  • We’ll analyse your current position on a turbo trainer, and assess your posture, stability, range of motion/flexibility, body asymmetries (eg leg length discrepancy) and contact points (foot and pelvic structure)

  • Position changes of the contact points will be conducted on the turbo trainer and will include:

    • Shoe selection, foot support and cleat positioning

    • Saddle positioning

    • Handlebar width selection and positioning

  • You’ll receive your fit data along with further recommendations via email

£165 for 1.5 hours + Parts required to fit

Got any questions?

Drop us a message via email and we’ll be happy to talk in more detail.