Having your bike personally, professionally fitted can transform your cycling

When you’re in the best position on your bike, you’ll feel the difference whatever your ability and discipline. Whether you’re a new cyclist, weekday commuter, experienced sportive rider or professional athlete, your Soigneur bike fit will be tailored to improve your comfort, efficiency and speed, and resolve and reduce the risk of injuries.

What we do

Comprehensive fit £250

A complete 3-4 hour fit for experienced or competitive riders, across all cycling disciplines.

Comprehensive fit →

Basic fit £165

A 1.5-hour fit for beginner, commuter or leisure cyclists, to ensure comfort and injury prevention.

Basic fit →

Follow up fit £100

For those who have already completed an in-depth fitting previously with Soigneur or elsewhere.

Follow up fit →

New bike build

Identifying and sourcing an off-the-peg bike or frame with the correct geometry, and building it with components tailored to you.

New bike build →

Custom geometry

Beginning with a Comprehensive fit, to design a custom frame geometry that’s perfectly tailored to you. Design services and custom frame painting are available through our partners.

Custom geometry →